Research demonstrates Flavay® binds to collagen fibers
and realigns them to a more youthful, undamaged form.

Smoother Skin and Stronger Collagen Inside and Out

"[A] method for preventing and fighting the harmful biological effects of free radicals...namely...inflammation...[and] collagen degradation."

Flavay® enhances elasticity of your skin and offsets visible signs of premature aging by strengthening and rebuilding your body’s collagen proteins.
Laboratory tests have demonstrated Flavay's® ability to reduce degradation of elastin fibers by up to 70 percent.
Flavay® inhibits the release and synthesis of histamine—a key factor in the promotion of inflammation.
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Flavay® can have a dramatic, visible effect on your skin. The nutrients in Flavay® can be considered as 'collagen vitamins' because they partake in the biosynthesis of collagen and prevent its destruction. Through synergistic action with vitamin C, Flavay® strengthens and rebuilds the body’s natural collagen proteins and has the remarkable ability to reactivate damaged collagen and elastin. Research has demonstrated that Flavay® binds to collagen fibers and realigns them to a more youthful, undamaged form. (The same research also established that common bioflavonoids are completely inactive in this respect.)

Flavay® improves the beneficial cross-linking between the amino acids of the fibers that give skin its flexibility and strength while preventing the undesirable cross-linking between amino acids that ages skin like leather. Laboratory tests have demonstrated Flavay’s® ability to reduce degradation of elastin fibers by up to 70 percent.

Flavay's® ability to reactivate damaged collagen and elastin has great implications for all of your body’s organs. Collagen is required for the normal functioning of the joints, healthy cartilage and bones, smooth gliding surfaces, synovial fluid, normal joint spaces and normal soft tissues surrounding the joints. Collagen is the building block of connective tissue, veins, arteries, ligaments and tendons, and every tissue and organ.

Flavay® Improves Circulation to Skin Cells

Flavay® strengthens collagen in vessel walls and capillaries— resulting in radiant and more youthful skin.

Improved circulation is another reason that Flavay® is an important part of optimally nourishing your skin. Over 50 years of scientific and clinical research establishes that Flavay® actually strengthens collagen in vascular walls and capillaries (the smallest vessels) by making the vessels stronger and more elastic. As we age, the tiny capillaries begin to break down, resulting in diminished blood flow. Fortifying these tiny blood vessels will improve circulation throughout the body, including the skin, delivering blood and nutrients to your skin. Improved circulation results in well-nourished, healthy skin—which is radiant and more youthful.

Inflammations and Edema (Swelling)

Our Customers Say: “I want to thank you for Flavay Plus®, it’s just wonderful. My anxiety, panic and stress levels plummeted and my skin became clear and radiant.”
—Ms. Joanna C.
Our Customers Say: “Flavay® really does great things for my skin. It even makes acne scars go away! I'm not a doctor so I can't say what happened, but about 6-8 weeks into taking Flavay®, my acne scars lightened so that you don't notice them. My mother-in-law recently told me I look 15 years younger!”
—Mr. R. E.
Our Customers Say: “I want to thank you for your excellent service and your amazing Flavay®. I started taking Flavay® for a serious case of chronic hives. The hives covered my entire body. I was also experiencing large swellings of my eyes, lips, scalp, feet and anywhere my skin had experienced pressure. For example, if I carried a purse, the place where my bag rested on my shoulder would swell with a large painful welt. I was taking Singulair and Zyrtec twice a day with no response. Courses of steroids would give me relief while I was on them however, they would quickly come back. Each time I had to go on steroids the hives would return sooner and they would get worse. I knew I could not continue this way. Since I started Flavay® I have not needed Steroids ever again. Subsequently I was able to eliminate the Zyrtec and Singulair. Both my Dermatologist and my allergy specialist both agree there is no other explanation and have requested literature on Flavay. They saw my experience and were stunned. I am thrilled to be symptom free and free of steroids! PS: Now to add more, my friend knew a woman who also had chronic hives, she told her to call me. I introduced her to Flavay and she is also symptom free!”
—Ms. D. A.

Flavay® has been licensed and sold in France for treating edema and inflammations since 1950. Puffiness of the eyes and an overall bloated look and feel are examples of edema. It involves the leakage of blood serum into surrounding tissues and Flavay® has shown that it can reduce this leakage by strengthening capillary walls.

One of the very first benefits observed and studied by the inventor of Flavay®, Dr. Jack Masquelier, in as early as 1947, was its anti-inflammatory effect. His and others' research demonstrated that Flavay® inhibits the release and synthesis of histamine (which produces accelerated blood flow, dilates capillaries and increases their permeability, thereby leaking plasma into surrounding tissue), a key factor in the promotion of inflammation. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the anti-histamine action of Flavay® is obtained through inhibiting the activity of the enzyme histidine decarboxylase. Research shows that Flavay® may lower the production of histamine with as much as 86% inhibition of histidine decarboxylase.

In an Australian study conducted on two groups of soccer players that had sustained injuries, those that consumed Flavay® for ten days following their injuries experienced significantly less swelling than those who did not and, in some of those taking Flavay®, the swelling had completely disappeared. Other research has demonstrated the ways in which Flavay® may actually inhibit inflammation including double-blind studies conducted in France which showed that Flavay® can reduce postoperative inflammation.

Proven Safety of Flavay®

After more than 50 years of human use, no adverse effects have been observed. Furthermore, intensive biological, toxicological, pharmacological and analytical research was conducted for the purpose of registering it as a medicine in France and other countries in Europe. In one study, daily doses of up to 35,000 mg for six months were determined to cause no adverse effects. Flavay® was also clinically tested, in particular for all sorts of symptoms related to venolymphatic insufficiencies (strenghthening veins, improving circulation and reducing edema and inflammations). The spin-off is a goldmine of data: The rigorous testing to meet the standards required by the health ministries of France, Germany and other European countries demonstrate that Flavay® is highly bioavailable, nontoxic, nonallergenic, noncarcinogenic, nonmutagenic, will not cause birth defects, and is completely safe.

Dr. Masquelier’s unequaled manufacturing process has been conducted for half a century at the very same facilities in France, and under the control of French Pharmaceutical inspection. These time-proven standards serve as a reliable assurance of the quality, consistency, bioavailability and safety of Flavay®.

Who can take Flavay®?

Everyone, from the very young to elderly. Flavay® has no known contraindications (conditions under which it should not be used). Flavay® is completely safe and nontoxic. In fact, clinical trials have been conducted in which pregnant women (troubled by varicose veins and other circulatory problems in the legs) safely used Flavay®.

Why Trust Flavay®

Consumers need to know that the marketplace is full of imitations, various “extracts” and derivative forms of Dr. Masquelier’s scientifically proven and perfected complex. Unfortunately, many have even used Dr. Masquelier’s name and research in unauthorized ways to promote illegitimate products.

Flavay® is the name you can trust for the precisely defined active polyphenol complex proven and perfected by the inventor, Dr. Jack Masquelier, validated by the French Ministry of Health and documented by a library of research consisting of many patents and hundreds of scientific papers, articles, doctorate theses, lectures and presentations. For quality, consistency, bioavailability and safety, consumers may rely upon Flavay®.

Flavay® Can Improve the Health and Appearance of Your Skin

Flavay® is the amazing internal cosmetic, improving the health and appearance of the skin from the inside out: rebuilding collagen, improving circulation and health in skin cells, and reducing inflammation.

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